The revolutionaries of remote-control ground and air action, Air Hogs have been the industry innovator for over a decade! There’s something for everyone in the Air Hogs’ product line of exhilarating, high performance vehicles spanning all ages and skill levels. Indoors and outdoors, Air Hogs products focus on precision racing and stupendous stunts.

One cool Air Hogs to note is the Air Hogs Jetpack Hero. Made of foam, this ‘superhero’ can climb, dive, bank and swoop! Defy gravity and reach soaring heights with a 2.4Ghz communication and a range of up to 100 feet. It is a neat take on a traditional plane or car. This focuses on the ‘man’ vs. the machine. It looks like a superhero is flying in the sky. Instead of controlling a helicopter, for example, you’re controlling a flying man! It is super fun to look at, and more fun to do.

jetpack hero copy

Best for kids 10+, so it reduces the chance of breaking and it does require more finesse and control than your average remote controlled vehicle. It retails for about $50 but you can find it less on Amazon.

I’m giving one away. So I hope you have a boy or girl in mind that will soar when s/he sees this! Just fill out the form and follow the prompts to enter to win! And thanks again for supporting my giveaway efforts! You can also see all of my giveaways here.


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