My name is Charlene DeLoach. I’m a toy expert who can help you learn how to use toys to educate, entertain and engage the children in your life.

charlene deloach toy expert

What toy gives the most play value?

Toys can be fun but they can seem fleeting. The toy aisle can seem overwhelming with not much opportunity for play.

  • When you are shopping for a toy, how do you navigate all of the noise?
  • How do you know what is really popular – but will give you the most play for your pocket?
  • Are you confident that the toy you are buying will bring a smile to their face and be a benefit to their development?

How can I teach my kids to play?

I will help you be a play partner in your life. I’ll show you how you can use toys in certain ways to give more value and benefit to the toy user. For example,

  • I’ll show you how you can play board games that lets children attend – even if they have attention deficit disorder.
  • I’ll give you skills to scaffold STEM toys to suits a child if they have processing delays.
  • Plus, I can teach you how to use toys for education – even if it is not an educational toy!

I’m a Toy Expert that can help!

I used to write laws and now I write about play. For the past ten years, I have been a contributing editor for a leading toy media company. I’ve appeared in over 70 toy-related television segments and have been an event planner in the toy industry. However, I am also a Mom.

My health care law background and experience with children with neurological differences have fostered my longevity in the toy field. I have a talent for understanding what toys can offer beyond the box. As a result, I’ve been quoted in the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, and The Huffington Post. Boston Moms has featured me and listed this website in the top 10 Boston Blogs to watch. I’ve also recently been quoted by and I have also several toy video series with, over 200 articles with The Toy Insider, and have written guest articles for The Toy Book.

I hope my posts, video series, resources, and tutorials will help you learn to educate, entertain and engage the children in your life. Let’s be play partners as we chronicle life in toys together!