I love tech products and gear, and this year I have some pretty big wants in that category. So here are my top tech products 2015. These are on my wish list and in my tech gift guide because they offer easy living and all are under $400! I only received one product for a review (the Sphero). The rest are my personal wants!

top tech products 2015

Sphero Ollie ($125): What’s the one robot toy on the market that can take a beating, that kids and adults can play with, and that is not limited to four wheels or a character? The Ollie by Sphero is a fast app-controlled device that spins, whips, wings, races and otherwise rocks. (Oh yeah, it can navigate rocks too.)

Beats Wireless Earbuds ($130): Listening to music from my Apple Watch with wireless earbuds seems like a dream come true. Thus, it is on my wish list. Plus, they just look cool, and tuck easily into a bag for the gym or travel so I can ‘Beats bop’ on the go.

Canary Home Security System ($200): I love the idea of a video camera security system in my house, without having to spend thousands retrofitting our existing home security system. Instead, Canary Home Security Device can be its sister and give us that much more security in our bird cage. (Get it? Canary? Bird cage? Okay, moving on…)

Amazon Echo ($179): I’m ready for the robot invasion. (Hello 1984) If my Mom has one, then I think it means I need to step up my tech game. I am excited about the possibilities of not missing school pickup or food in the oven, listening to music on a whim and getting my geek on with factoids while doing chores around the house with my new BFF Alexa.

Apple Watch ($350+): It is not the best tech watch in my opinion, but it is cool and does have some neat functions. Plus, as the operating systems keep getting updated, it might be my wearable tech nirvana sooner rather than later. The only risk with the Apple Watch is that there may be an option for higher MB in later iterations, but it is a risk I may be willing to take.

top tech products 2015

Sonos ($199): Still love the concept of great sound anywhere and in any room in my house. The SONOS PLAY:1 is a little size with big power so I can sing along with Taylor Swift whenever and wherever. Cause that is what life is all about, right?

WeMo ($50): I want to outfit my whole house with WeMo devices! Beats the clapping to shut your lights on and off (though the commercials were awesome!) While it is ideal for travelers, it is also ideal for moms who forget to shut the lights off and husbands who get annoyed with that fact. So now I can program the on and off functions so we can have a happy marriage. (It’s the little things.)

GoPro Hero Silver ($350): I’m sort of done with the whole video and pictures with the iPhone concept. It will do in a pinch, but I need to step up my photo game. Yet I am not ready for the big boys. Is there a happy medium? Yes with the GoPro HERO4 SILVER. It’s small enough to take everywhere and its design (and all of the accessories) means I can take photos anywhere and everywhere too.

Snap Pets ($40): I’m sick of the stick, to be honest with you. Plus, most of the major designations (e.g. DisneyWorld) ban them. So what’s a girl to do? Tuck a Snap Pet in my purse and be ready for selfies anywhere without stick limitations.

What is your favorite tech wish from the list? Please share!

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