I love hearing what people find essential in a luxury designer handbag collection. If you are going to have a large investment into this accessory arena, you want the most bang for your buck, and be able to wear your bags on key (and for multiple) occasions. After reading and hearing from lots of people, this is what most find essential in a well curated handbag collection with Hermes and Chanel leading the way in must-have brands to own.

Must Have Designer Bag Collection

A Hermes Black Garden Party in Toile or Leather

A great all around tote that can be used for traveling and a casual luncheon bag. Some prefer a Jumbo Black Chanel with Silver Hardware to serve this function too.

must have designer bag collection

A Gold Evelyne

A great hands-free bag for sightseeing or shopping. Shorten the straps with a thin scarf, like a twilly, and dress it up as a result for a casual night out. Some like an Etoupe color instead of the Gold. There are a few that suggest an Hermes Double Sens for a casual bag for shopping and sightseeing that holds more than the Evelyne. Either way, one of these three are popular amongst the “it’ crowd.

hermes evelyne gold

A clutch

Great pop of color, like a Blue Rio clutch. Some like a Jige Elan in a color like Argile for a match with everything color. Or a Constance 18cm in a Blue like Blue Izmire for a shoulder strap option. All can be used for a more formal luncheon or cocktail party too.

hermes jige blue

A 30cm Etoupe Birkin in Palladium Hardware

The best casual to dressy bag. Perfect size & color that matches most everything in most seasons. Others like a Gris Tourelle Kelly 32cm in Palladium Hardware for the same purpose; a classic Black 30cm Birkin; or a Gold 30cm Birkin. It all depends on your coloring and wardrobe, but these smaller neutrals are the best bet for all around use.

etoupe birkin

A 32cm Black Box Kelly with Gold Hardware

An iconic bag that dresses up any outfit instantly whether your in that little black dress or simple jeans. Others prefer a Chanel Reissue 226 with Gold Hardware for that day to night, dress up and down option instead. Some like a Chanel Medium lambskin bag too, with the lambskin making it more sophisicated than its caviar counterpart.

< black box kelly

A Hermes B30 in Red

A fantastic bag for a great pop of color in a bag that can go day to night. Most of the other choices listed above are neutrals, but everyone should have a bright color from which to choose. Red is a classic choice, but I did see a lot liking green or orange for a pop of color that goes with most everything.

hermes birkin red

A super fun bag that sparkles

Maybe it is a Chanel Mini in sequins or a silver metallic Dior. Either way, have one bag in a smaller size (but can still hold your car keys, phone, a couple of cards and lipstick) that shines for a night out!

chanel sequin bag

A rainy day bag

If you have leather bags, and Hermes and Chanel ones at that, you don’t want bad weather to ruin your bag. Many suggest a Louis Vuitton Neverfull for a bag that can withstand the elements. For a less popular, but still a designer classic, rainy day option, a lot like Goyard St. Louis Totes in PM or GM sizes.

louis vuitton neverfull

Other colors that can be added once the basics are covered. Consider bags in pink, purple and yellow to round out your collection. So start saving, start planning and have fun hunting down the perfect bags for your bag wardrobe.

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