I’m always looking for unique thank you card ideas. Thank you cards can often be the party popper. The fun is over and you send the etiquette required thank you card. It often reminds me a balloon losing air. Pfffttt. Boring. Your recipient opens it, glances at it and then throws it in the trash. (Or hopefully recycling.) Yet, if you have spent your valuable time signing, addressing, stamping the thank you cards, you’d want (and hope) for more oomph in the opening. So here are 6 unique thank you card ideas that are pretty much guaranteed to give them pause!

unique thank you card ideas to thank people for birthday presents baby shower gifts Christmas gifts and more

1. Make it a Picture

Instead of a standard thank you card, take a picture of yourself (or your kids or the dog) holding a thank you sign. It adds an extra dimension and a personal touch! I did this a lot for thank yous after the kids were born. I took a picture of the new baby with a thank you sign propped nearby. It enables all your friends and family to get a new picture of the baby when you send a thank you for the baby gift! It is also fun for Wedding gift thank you cards. On the day of your wedding, have the photographer (or a friend) take a picture of the two of you in your finery holding a thank you sign. A fun way to say thanks to all your wedding guests!

unique thank you card ideas 2

2. Add a Picture

If you are short on (printing) time or have custom stationary or themed thank you cards you already want to use (as was the case for my son’s 4th transportation themed birthday party), having a custom made thank you card may not work. Instead, consider a twist. This is a great option for the kids. As they are opening their birthday presents, take a picture of them holding the gift. Then get the photos developed at a one-hour photo place. Tuck the picture into the thank you card and when your receipients open the card, they will see a picture of your smiling child holding the gift they gave them!

unique thank you card ideas to thank people for birthday party gifts, baby shower etc

3. Add a Gift

If you are saying thank you, consider putting a small token of appreciation inside. For a kid’s birthday party, put some themed stickers inside for use by another child. After my son was christened, I sent thank you notes and included a growable piece of paper that they could plant outside to become flowers. It can cost less than $1 per card but it goes a long way for a memorable thank you.

4. Include a link

Whether you just write it in or include a small business card, have a link to a Flickr account or equivalent page with pictures from the day that your guests can download. They may appreciate re-living the event or may see a great picture of themselves, or their son or daughter, to use!

5. Art into a card

Have your kids draw a picture. After they finish drawing it, have them sign their name in the bottom corner (or help them to do so.) Then take a picture of it with your phone or camera, or scan it. Then use a service like Shutterfly to turn that image of your child’s drawing into a one of a kind thank you note! With their signature at the bottom of the image, your receipients will know that the art is from someone special they know! This is create for unique note cards too!

6. Include a recipe

If it is a thank you for a kids’ party or a bridal shower thank you, or a holiday thank you, consider including an appropriate recipe. Maybe a fun and easy no bake recipe for kids, or a new parents easy prep meal or holiday cookie recipe. Everyone loves new ideas! This is also fun to throw in your holiday cards too!

So the next time you have to send out a Thank You card, consider adding one of these ideas to make your “Thank You” truly memorable!

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