Planning for Easter always makes me look back fondly on the Christmas holiday season. Here’s why is Santa better than the Easter Bunny as a result.

why is santa better than the easter bunny charlene chronicles

1. The Easter Bunny always seems to look disheveled. Santa has a nice bright, velvet suit, with shiny boots and snow white beard. The Easter Bunny looks like he has been rolled in the mud, washed and becomes a dirty white.

2. At the mall, photos with Santa are more enjoyable with Santa smiling. Compared to photos with the Easter Bunny and you have no idea who is under the big bunny head.

3. Santa comes bearing tons of gifts, but the Easter bunny just brings a basket of candy. (At least at Halloween you dress up for your candy. More fun.)

4. Santa leaves his gifts right in your living room and the Easter bunny makes you run around in the backyard for some jellybean scraps in plastic eggs.

5. Christmas comes every year on the same day. Easter changes every year. One you can plan around and the other is a perpetual – when is Easter again?

6. Santa leaves goodies in nice Potterybarn stockings on the mantel. The Easter Bunny leaves his droppings in cheap baskets with plastic grass made from….something.

Easter is still fun. Breaks up the dead of spring. But clearly Christmas is the winner. (Religion aside, folks.)

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