Whether you shop consignment online or in person, there are key tips you should know before you start shopping. Shopping at consignment stores can be a great way to find unique pieces, great deals or access to items that may typically out-of-reach budget wise. So here are five tips for consignment store shopping you need to know before you go!

Go Consistently.

At consignment stores, product turns over quickly. Plus, items are constantly being moved within the store from ‘full’ consignment price to a variety of mark downs to push the item out the door! Lastly, the items are typically seasonal. So as spring turns into summer, the product changes. So make it a point to stop by on a consistent schedule, or check online weekly, to get great deals.

Shop From Front to Back.

Most brick and mortar consignment stores put the biggest markdowns at the back of the store. So start there first to see what kinds of bargains you can find. Then work your way to the front to find more seasonable and newly arrived items. For online sites, use search tools to see which are the oldest items as they usually will be the least expensive.

Try Everything On.

The one thing about consignment items is, of course, that someone owned it before you. When that happens, the person may have altered the item to make it suitable for them. Thus, the size 10 jacket that you think will fit you, may not fit you after all. The previous owner may have had a smaller waist or shorter arms and the blazer may not fit like your typical department store size 10 blazer. So try everything on first! If you are shopping online, most online sites will have a description section. See if they give the dimensions of the item, a variety of pictures, and/or a great return policy in case it didn’t fit.

Befriend the staff.

The in-store consignment store staff can be a source of great deals and pieces. If you shop at the same store consistently, they know what you like and what you are looking for. After awhile, they may give you a ring when some pieces come in from your favorite designer, or if the black blazer you have been looking for arrives in the store.

Know Your Designers.

Knowing which designers work for your body type and style is key for searching for pieces. Also know the key elements of the designer so you can know if it is a legitimate designer piece. Lastly, knowing some of the top, luxury designers, and their typical retail prices, you can know if you are getting a deal and/or a steal!

So I hope these five tips helps you the next time you shop in a consignment store. Want to know one of my favorite places to shop consignment? Check out my post here!

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