sponsoredpostgraphicPerhaps it is because Easter is so early this year that the holiday snuck up on me! Plus, every year is different as an adult, unlike when I was growing up. There are some Easter holidays when the whole family gets together and there are other Easters when it is just us. Either way, which results in me not wanting to cook under either scenario  – one is overwhelming and the other is underwhelming.

Honey Baked Ham Company Worth it?

We finally decided to take the Honey Baked Ham Company for a trial run this past Christmas, to see if it could be a go-to for the major yearly holidays. I can honestly say have found my forever holiday resource – whether to celebrate the new year or the spring season. Here’s why.

honey baked ham company review

1. My picky kids ATE the HAM! Really, this point should be points 1-10 as I was in shock. They even wanted it for leftovers the next day. (T.o.t.a.l S.h.o.c.k) No more cooking a separate meal for them during the holidays. (Seriously, I could just end the post here as it was a big deal for the family and it shows the incredible taste the Honey Baked Ham Company is known for – and we got to verify!)

2. The rest of the family loved it too. I didn’t try to pass it off as something I cooked myself (though I would never judge you if you did so! LOL) But you know how it is – the picky parents (or insensitive in-laws) who are used to having the host cook everything and thus are already prepared to hate the dinner you ‘bought‘! But the family was just as impressed with the taste of the ham as the kids! (#winning!)

3. It was so easy to order. I called up as I wasn’t quiet sure how the process worked, but they took my order, gave me some cooking tips and made some suggestions on side dishes. It was ridiculously easy to plan the meal! (I don’t even feel like I should be allowed to use the word ‘plan’ in the previous sentence.) When we went to pick up our order, there were a lot of people just stopping by. So you don’t have to pre-order. (Though it is encouraged for obvious, holiday, reasons.)

3. When you pick up your ham, you can take a look at it to make sure you think it looks good (not too fatty, right size, etc.) I thought it was a nice customer service feature.

4. There were many versions of hams to pick from – full or half, bone in or boneless. Thus, many options to fit a large group or if you are just celebrating with your immediate family at home.

5. It was really easy to ‘cook’. In actuality, the ham is already cooked, you just heat in the oven. So there is not a lot of planning that goes into it. I remember the days when the entire Easter holiday was planned around when the ham had to go into the oven and when it came out. Not when you have a Honey Baked Ham. Makes the holiday more relaxing in my opinion. Plus, I can spend the time with my family and not the stove.

On the flip side, there are some things to note. The sides were just okay. While it is convenient to pick them up along with the ham, and the portions are good in each package, I wasn’t impressed with the taste for the price. I think some of the sides you can get at Trader Joes are tastier and more affordable. Plus, one of the plastic containers our side came in, broke on the corner and we found some plastic pieces in our side dish when we were eating. Luckily no one swallowed the plastic bits.

Speaking of affordability, a Honey Baked Ham can be pretty expensive. It cost us about $11 a pound. Twice the amount if we had bought a ham directly from the grocery store. However, we still felt it was worth the extra cost between the time not having to cook it or spending the money on seasoning it, and the incredible taste, but it is something to note and thus plan for in the budget.

Yet, I know my sister-in-law’s family goes out for Easter brunch/dinner when they spend the Easter holiday with that side of the family. When I told her about the Honey Baked Ham Company and the points I shared with you in the post, the cost is much less than going out for an Easter meal – with taxes, tips and crowded restaurants. Much nicer to cozy up at home and enjoy the Easter egg hunt in the backyard to burn off that big Ham dinner. She was sold on the concept!

So after writing this post, I am hankering for some ham! Of to place my order! Happy Easter!

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