One of the most popular smartphone accessories out there right now is the adhesive cell phone sleeve wallet. It is a small sleeve of plastic, rubber or leather that is stuck on (via an adhesive) to the back of your phone. Monet is one popular brand of which I got complimentary sample. It is one of my favorites due to its stylish presentation – and inclusion of another popular cell phone accessory – a cell phone grip and cell phone stand.

The Phone Sleeve

The main purpose of a phone sleeve/wallet is to store credit cards or cash. That way, you have your essentials with you when you have a phone – to travel lighter. It eliminates the need for a bulky wallet. Like Monet, some have a finger grip and/or phone stand. (Monet’s design functions as both, for example.) So you can prop up your phone for movie watching or securely hold your phone when walking.

charlene chronicles cell phone sleeve alternatives

However, I have never been sold on phone sleeve wallets in particular. I don’t like the possibility of my cash or license falling out of unsecured phone sleeve. I also often misplace my phone. So I don’t need to have my credit card picked off. Also, I have a super fun cell phone cover I love and I don’t want to cover it up. Plus, if you take a lot of mirror selfies, you don’t want your credit card in the picture. No matter how pretty it is, like the Monet one.

It doesn’t mean I don’t think these phone sleeves are handy. They are – just not for me in the original intent. Instead, I have found alternative uses for them that work much better for me.

alternative uses for phone sleeve wallets by charlene chronicles

Car Cash Stash

Where to store money in your car? I am a believer that you should have $20 in your car for emergencies. However, having a $20 bill floating around my glove compartment isn’t the best way to treat my money. Instead, I use the phone sleeve in the car. I use the adhesive to stick in on the underside of the console or glove compartment. That way, I have my $20 emergency money safely secured in the car. Alternatively, use it in a more conspicuous space. Then place your gas card, parking pass, or toll card inside for easy access on the go. The Monet one is pretty to have on your car dash.

alternative uses for a cell phone wallet sleeve by

Bike Bifold

If you are going for a bike ride (ice cream run anyone?), it is nice to have the phone sleeve adhered to your bicycle frame. Tuck in a credit card or some cash in the sleeve. Then you can stop for snacks along the way without having to bring a bulky wallet (or stuffing some cash in your bike shorts because – ewwww.)

Mini Wallet

The mini-handbag trend is still going strong and while I have found a great small wallet, there are time that my clutch cannot even hold that. Often, I loosely throw in my credit card and license. Yet having them roaming around the bag all willy nilly is not safe or secure. Tucking the items in the phone sleeve solves that. (Just place some felt on the adhesive backing.) Having a phone sleeve as pretty as a Monet one, means that – if you take it out of your clutch – it will be as sleek, in more ways than one, as the clutch itself.

alternative uses for a cell phone wallet by

Headphone Winder/Storage

Sometimes I off label something. Meaning, I use it for a completely different purpose – not just in a different way. Case in point? The Monet phone sleeve is a great headphone winder and storer. The finger grip keeps it secure and I can tuck the ends in the pouch. Toss it in my handbag or gym bag and I am not longer untangling to listen to tunes.

Alternative uses for a cell phone wallet by

They are worth it

Whether you already use a phone sleeve or are looking for a stylish one, check out the Monet brand. If you are looking for reasons to get more or dive in – try out one of the alternative ways to use a phone sleeve/wallet! The more the merrier!

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