I cannot believe that two years ago, at this very moment, you made your appearance on this earth.

Lia, Born

A lot has happened this past year. You started walking then running, jumping then climbing, twirling then dancing, babbling then talking. You went on your elevator ride…


and your first plane ride too.


Had your first ice cream cone….


And had your first art class.


You found your favorite TV show: The Wiggles. (Though Elmo is a close second.)


And can’t be without your stuffed monkey that Nanna gave you or the little car that Great Nana sent to you.
L - Monkey
You love the telephone…..


And the computer. (Especially to watch the Wiggles videos)


You love swimming….


And playing the piano.

You started to play with other children and have begun to explore the world on your own.


Yet, you still reach for our hands to guide you and melt our hearts when you do.


You are not a baby anymore, but growing to be a little boy. One who knows what he wants and wants to do it himself too. There are times you really show your frustration in everyway possible, but when you put your arms around our neck or nuzzle your face in the crook of our shoulders, the world seems right for both of us.


I have a feeling this year will be challenging for you as you learn new things, but we will explore them together: the bee on the flower or the airplane in the sky, the sound of trucks or the smell of the sea.


Everyday you grow, explore, and develop, know this one important thing: We love you with all our hearts, and we can’t wait to see what adventures we will have this year.


Happy 2nd Birthday Bubbie Bear.


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  1. Nicole and Ben says:

    Happy Birthday, L!!!! You are growing so fast!!

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