Nursing Trinket

Seeing that my chest was scratched by the little bitty nails of my nursing son, I needed to find something that could keep his wandering fingers occupied during our breastfeeding sessions.  So I recently picked up the Mooma Nursing Necklace at Magic Beans.

Created by a Magic Beans staffer, the Mooma Nursing Necklace just slips right on. The wooden ring is made from natural birch, and is a great size for baby fingers. It’s sanded super smooth, oiled with organic olive oil, and rubbed with beeswax before being attached to a brown adjustable organic cotton cord, which is also something babies can grasp..

As soon as I came home, I put it on before I fed my son.  While nursing, his hands immediately found it and his fingers have been playing with it ever since.  (Much to the relief of my skin!)  Since I leave it on all day, I find myself fiddling with it while on the phone, which is soothing.  I don’t remember to slip it on during the night feedings, but since we have a special blanket, my son strokes that for his nighttime nursing sessions instead. I have had it for four days and wish I had gotten it sooner.

The necklace retails for $14.95.  I feel it would be better priced at $9.99, but it is a nice product with quality materials.  You can pick one up at either of the four Magic Beans locations or online.  You can find it in the bottle/feeding section. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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