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Tips for Buying Used Toys for Kids

If you have a limited budget for toys, buying new toys for your children can be expensive. Buying used or consigned toys, is a great way to stretch the budget, and is eco-conscious too! Here are some tips for shopping for used toys for kids and making an old toy “new” again. Look for advertised garage […]

How to Save Money on Wrapping Paper

I hate wrapping gifts and presents. It is so expensive. I’d rather put the money to the present rather than on the paper that will be torn off and thrown in the trash. Yet, the gift needs to be wrapped. So here are four ideas to save money on wrapping paper. 1. Shop for sales. […]

The New Toyota RAV4

  My son loves cars. Our house is one large traffic jam.     Everywhere we go, he rattles off the make and model of cars he sees. If he meets you, he may remember your name, but he will definitely remember the type of car you drive. If he sees a car that he […]

Medicine Safe, Medicine Secure

A Review of the Medicine Safe As a result of my abdominal reconstructive surgery, I had to take lot of pills. Everything from arnica and anti-nausea to vicodin and vitamins. So when a colleague gave me a heads up about the Medicine Safe, I had to check it out. First and foremost, you should have […]

Sweet Memories to Remember

While Valentines’s Day is loaded with sweets, it reminds me of some sweet moments in my life. Meeting my husband, getting married, giving birth to my children, and the everyday little moments I have with my kids – the first smile from my baby or a hug from my toddler. One of my sweet memories, […]

Four Mouthwatering Flatout Hungry Girl Recipes

Sandwich Sweet Sandwich There is a lot I miss about working full-time. One of the things I miss is the ability to have lunch. Not only the ability to eat without kids asking me for juice, to change their diaper, for a toy that fell on the floor, but the ability to eat whatever I […]

How to Wear Red Lipstick

How to wear red lipstick is a question everyone asks. Red lipstick is perfect for Heart Awareness Month and for Valentines Day. But it is also a classic. Anyone can wear it – so long as you follow these 5 tips. ! Go light on the eyes and the blush. Keep to light and pale shades. […]

How to Wear Red Pants and Other Red Items

February is Heart Awareness Month and it is also a month of Valentines! Everywhere you go, you’ll see red: red pants, red sweaters, and red jackets to name a few. But how do you wear red pants, or what outfits with red pants can you throw together? What about outfits ideas for a red jacket? […]

What happens during an Eye Exam?

New Year, new you, right? Even if you aren’t big on New Year’s Resolutions (I’m not), you still can set personal goals or must-dos for the New Year. One thing I am making certain to do for myself this year is to start taking care of my health. I do it for my kids, but […]

Preparing Kids for an Eye Exam

If you are considering making an eye exam appointment for your kids, here are some “exam factors” and “vision tips”. Preparing Kids for an Eye Exam First, the most important way to keep eyesight healthy is to bring your children in for their annual eye exam, ideally starting when they are only six months old. […]