2013 Ford Escape: Parallel Parking Assist

Have you ever seen a car park itself? I know more and more cars are having this feature but usually in big-priced luxury cars. It was amazing to see the parallel parking assist as a feature in the 2013 Ford Escape and even more amazing to see it in action.

This video below shows you how it works. It is for real, but it does require you to be a bit hands on. Yet, you might be surprised how ‘hands off’ the parallel parking assist really it. It is amazing to see. In the video, watch the main screen but also watch the small box in the top corner so you can see how the car is responding to the parallel parking assist!

The 2013 Ford Escape has some other fabulous features, including a hands free tailgate too. But the fact that is it made from recycled materials, is gas eco-friendly and gets amazing gas mileage, to name a few, makes it a serious contender for any person looking for a small SUV.

Have you driven a car with this feature? What was it like? Is it something that you will be looking for in your next new car purchase or is it just one of those nice to have features?

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