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My Parenting Resolutions

A Year-End Letter to my Two Hearts Dear Bubby and Lovey. Where has the year gone, and what changes took place in them? I’ve been horrible about documenting your milestones this year. One that I am soon to correct, but I thought I would take a moment in these final hours of 2012 to share […]

2012: A Transformation, a Renewal and a Promise

2012 Year in Review I cannot believe the year 2013 is upon me. While I didn’t take much stock in the world ending on 12/21/12, it is nice to know we are still around. Apparently, however, that date was an interesting one. As I understand it (which is rather sketchy) the Sun aligned with the Milky […]

How to Track Santa

A favorite tradition for many parents, is to track Santa’s whereabouts. Granted, it was old school for us back in the day. We relied on the weatherman on the local news station for a Six O’Clock News update. Now, however, there are so many cool ways to track the Jolly Old Guy. Almost everyone knows […]

Ten Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Not only do I need to finish my holiday shopping, but I need to start getting things for stocking stuffers. This is the first year we will be doing it as a family since my son is old enough now and it seems worth the effort. I just bought some stockings from PotteryBarn (on sale, […]

How to Make Chocolate Kiss Pretzels

Pretzels are awesome. Hershey’s Kisses rock. M&Ms are fabulous. Put all three together and you have a trifecta of crunchy, salty, chocolate-y goodness. Check out my video on how to make Chocolate Kiss Pretzels. Great for holiday pretzel treats or for those gifts you need for teachers or your mailman. If you don’t want to […]

Rock your pv.body

As a runner and a certified aerobics instructor, I’m crushing over pv.body. I am always looking for functional and fashionable workout wear. As a Mom, I am also looking for workout wear to wear all the time. So while I am gearing up to run a Disney Half Marathon next month (my first post baby […]

The Ninja Cooking System – An Appliance Rockstar

Whether you are reading this before the Christmas holiday or are reading this in the middle of summer, put the Ninja Cooking System on your gift list. Seriously. Like, right now. I had the good fortune to get a sneak peak at the Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System before it hit the store shelves, and let me […]

26 Acts of Kindness: What will you do?

Recently, there has been a movement started by the inspiring warmth of Ann Curry and has grown to include a variety of people online and offline. Go to Twitter and search for #20Acts, #26Acts or #26ActsofKindness and be prepared to see people around the world bring light to the dark, hope in the face of sorrow, belief […]

Protecting Your Baby’s Eyes From the Sun

There are a lot of cute accessories we buy our babies; everything from fabulous hair bows, fuzzy boots and adorable shoes. Yet, one super cute and trendy look is actually beneficial to our growing babies’ eyes: sunglasses. You may think, “Sunglasses in the winter?” Yes! It is not just the scorching rays of a hot […]

Curious George Episodes Encourages Curiosity

With my son being a huge Wiggles fan, I wasn’t sure if he would ever take any interest in any other kid programming. However, when we went to a premiere to celebrate the 7th season of Curious George on PBS Kids, he found his new love. I should have known he would fall in love […]

Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge, MA

The next time you are looking for function space, or a fabulous place to stay, consider the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge, MA. The first time I visited the hotel was at a social media event hosted by MommyNiri and The Frugalette and sponsored by Fisher Price, Hasbro and other amazing brands listed below. Not […]

Georgi Stroller Bag

As an owner of many strollers, the one thing I dislike about them are the rather unflattering ‘parent consoles’. Let alone the un-functionality, and it has to stay on the stroller. Seriously, who designs these things? However, when I saw the look of this Georgi Stroller Bag, it had style written all over it. Yet, […]

The Polar Express Train Ride Experience

When I was given complimentary coach tickets for The Polar Express train ride on the Cape Cod Central Railway (Buzzards Bay, MA, Hyannis, MA) and the Saratoga & North Creek Railway (Saratoga, NY), I offered the tickets to my brother & his family because my soon-to-be four year old nephew is a HUGE Polar Express fan. He […]

Let the New Fantasyland Story Begin

New Fantasyland Opening Ceremony When I had the opportunity to ask the Chairman of Disney when was the ah-ha moment that the began the work for the New Fantasyland, he said that it began when Fantasyland first opened 31 years ago. It has been a culmination of many, many people, and even us, as guests, […]

‘Twas the Night before New Fantasyland

Twas the night before the new Fantasyland expansion, and all through the land, not a creature is stirring, not even this wo-man. Our swim suits are hung in the shower to dry, out of the way and up really high. The children are snuggling in their beds, getting ready to put on their Mickey Mouse reds. […]

Charlene DeLoach’s Happy Disney Birthday

Celebrating a Birthday at Disney World! The preview of the new Fantasyland opening is finally here. I can’t imagine celebrating a birthday weekend or week in a more spectacular place. Can you imagine any better place to be on your birthday than a place that is magical, where you feel like a princess, and when […]

New Fantasyland Preview Party

As I write this post, I am on the cusp of a reveal that will be forever in the Disney books. I don’t know what blog entries will follow this one, as I cover this grand opening of the New Fantasyland. Yet, I know that whatever words fill this screen will be ones that honor […]

Gift Card Exchanges and other Factors

Gift cards are great gifts…..depending on a couple of factors, and if there is a gift card exchange opportunity! Read the fine print – know the terms and conditions before you buy your card. Don’t throw away the card after buying merchandise, just in case you need to return an item. Keep track of the […]