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Facing Death

I don’t want to die. Then again, who wants to? This past spring, I watched my friend Nancy face death. I have lost count on how many times she has done that. I have had other people in my life experience the same things. Yet, how does one deal with death voluntarily? I am facing […]

Should I Have Diastasis Recti Surgery?

There are two situations that I wasn’t expecting as a result of a Diastasis Recti, Umbilical and Ventral surgery: stopping breastfeeding before I was expecting to, and not having more children. I shared my medical situation and here is the emotional side. Diastasis Recti Surgery For those of you who read the birth story of […]

Why Do I Still Look Pregnant?

{This is a rather long post. Yet, as most of my pregnancy posts this past year, it’s worth reading since it’s like watching a train wreck.} Imagine walking down the street and everyone constantly stops you to congratulate you on your pregnancy. Others smile at you in the elevator and ask when you are due. I […]

Neat-Oh Dinosaur Toybox and Playmat is a Prehistoric Hit

When I got the Neat-Oh! Dinosaur Toybox & Playmat to review, I knew immediately who needed to review this product; my 3.5 year old nephew who loves, loves, loves (did I say loves?) everything dinosaur. His room at home is decked-out-in-dino.     So I gave the Neat-Oh Dinosaur Toybox & Playmat to my brother […]

Life…supplemented and the WannaBeWell app

I love apps and I love health so when they are combined, it seriously rocks! Like the Life…supplemented | WannaBeWell app. (Free on iTunes!) The gist is that the WannaBeWell app is great tool to remind you to take medications and supplements, like multivitamins. (I seriously wish I knew about this when I was pregnant – […]

Pest World – A Really Great Website or a Description of my House?

Last week I posted this picture on Facebook.  And my response to my own photo was: “Oh God. What do I do! Should I wait till the hubby gets home. Eeek. I hate spiders.” My friends sympathetically expressed fear for my imminent safety. Amy from Selfish Mom firmly stated I should move. I firmly contemplated […]

Three Things You Should Know about Health Care Open Enrollment and Vision Service Plans

It is that time of year again. Nope. Not when department stores tear down the Halloween decorations and put up the Christmas ones. Nope. Not when your kids are on an amazing sugar high from Halloween candy and you are tempted to steal a piece of candy hoping they won’t notice. (They do.) It is […]

Finding a Babysitter Using Your iPhone – UrbanSitter

Finding a babysitter is tough, but booking a babysitter can be tougher-unless you are finding a babysitter using your iPhone via UrbanSitter. Whether it’s Sittercity, or UrbanSitter, you can search and post for babysitting needs. Yet, where UrbanSitter differs is that you can look and book using your smartphone. UrbanSitter is the next generation of babysitting searches. […]

Buyer Beware: selling Nature’s One Formula Arsenic Batches

As a Mom that combines breastfeeding and formula feeding, I am always concerned when I hear about formula issues. Never more so when I heard about the arsenic concerns in Nature’s One Baby’s Only Organic Formula. Yet, I was relieved to hear the issue was resolved this fall when Consumer Reports ran an article on […]

Why You Should Pay to Promote on Facebook

I performed a Facebook experiment recently to find out why I should pay to promote on Facebook. To conduct my experiment, I decided to actually pay to promote. Yes, I forked over five bucks to Facebook themselves. {Oh, the horrors!} As every Blogger who uses Facebook knows, the changes to the Facebook algorythm is not […]

Details of the New Fantasyland at Disney World

I’m Going to the New Fantasyland Opening! Guess what I got in the mail? An invitation to the new Fantasyland Opening at Disney World in December!   Yes, it’s true. I get to experience the Magic of the new Fantasyland grand opening!  On my birthday no less! A birth date that I share with Walt […]

Reebok BOKS Program

For us Boston-based folks, it is amazing that the Reebok World Headquarters are in our area. I visited recently to learn more about an equally amazing program called BOKS Kids. Can you imagine going to work everyday with your own Reebok store from which to shop? An indoor basketall court for some b-ball between meetings? […]

Walt Disney World Tips for Preschoolers

Going to Disney with Toddlers is a challenge, but having fun with non-park activities can keep the Disney fun going without going to the bank. Yet, you are at Disney because you want to experience the Magic, and a lot of the magic happens inside the Disney Parks. However, for kids five and under, some […]

Walt Disney World Parks for Toddlers

I love Typhoon Lagoon as the best place to visit with kids under five, but if the water parks are closed, you need other options. Plus, my ideas on Disney World park alternatives if you’re on a budget are great low-key non-park options when visiting Disney World with a Toddler, but you came to Disney for the […]

Disney World Without The Parks

You may wonder how you can visit Disney World without the Parks. How is that any fun? And why would you do that? For many reasons. Many of them numerous if you are visiting Disney World with children under the age of five. The main reason? Naps. The runner-up reason? The inability to participate in many […]

Tips for Visiting Disney World with a Toddler

I didn’t get selected to be on the Disney Moms Panel, but I decided to finally put pen to paper (or keyboard to screen?) to share my tips for visiting Disney World with a toddler (aka: any child under five years old). Many friends have asked me over the years for recommendations and tips, so I […]

2013 Ford Escape: Parallel Parking Assist

Have you ever seen a car park itself? I know more and more cars are having this feature but usually in big-priced luxury cars. It was amazing to see the parallel parking assist as a feature in the 2013 Ford Escape and even more amazing to see it in action. This video below shows you […]

2013 Ford Escape: Hands Free Tailgate is Mom Perfect

As a Mom of two children, my hands are full. Figuratively of course, but I mean literally. Strollers, diaper bags, toys, sippy cups and the occassional baby, are always in my arms. I’m rather used to struggling with my stash of stuff and various doors, so when something comes easy in that vein, I am […]

How to Make a Pumpkin Smoothie

This time of year, everything is pumpkin; pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin lattes. But I have another ‘pumpkin’ item to consider; pumpkin smoothies. Pumpkin (and pumpkin puree) is full of protein and packed with antioxidants. Combine the gnarly nutrition with a fabulously fast recipe, and you have a unique holiday party cocktail or a […]

Boston Globe Handyman Peter Hotton and Contractor Referrals

Boston Globe Handyman Peter Hotton and the contractor list at Harvey Building Products are two resources to help you be house handy. Being a homeowner can bite sometimes. It seems like once you spruce one thing up, you are fixing something else; a never ending cycle. I consider myself marginally handy. At least, more so […]

Ideas on How You Can Reuse a Halloween Costume

We all know that kids speed through their clothes. It seems like they wear a pair of jeans once and they outgrow them. Halloween costumes are even worse. Just a couple of hours of wearing time and there goes $20+ dollars out the window. So here are a couple tips on how to reuse a […]

How to Protect Your Pumpkins from Squirrels

P.S. This technique prevents the squirrels from even eating the pumpkin so it is non-harmful. Make sure to spray with the wind if you’re using a spray shellac or gloss to prevent it from getting on your clothes, skin, or in your eyes. You can also wear gloves & a mask for extra precaution. You […]

Babee Covee for Infant Car Seats

If you are looking for a cover for your infant car seat, the Babee Covee is a great product to consider. It is developed by a parent, like the makers of the Snoozeshade I reviewed, who realized that there are better things that can meet the needs of us parents with young kids. This product […]