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Environmental Learning

Summer vacation is in full force. My Facebook stream is peppered with posts from friends describing their vacation adventures in the car, on the plane or on the train. How we keep kids occupied often can make or break that road trip, whereever the ultimate destination may lie. Even if the extent of your vacation […]

And Her Name Is…

I’m so excited that our newest Chronicle is here. It was a rather dramatic entrance, but we are all happy to be at home and adjusting to our life as a family of four. However, in the first weeks of a newborn being in a house, things are crazy. Late nights, long days and desperation […]

Waxing During Pregnancy

After reading many articles about getting a bikini or brazilian wax during pregnancy, I figured I give it a try and share my dos and don’t of pregnancy waxing. I know, it does seem weird that one would get waxed during a pregnancy. First, for the obvious reason that you can’t see anything down there […]

Decorating a Nursery

Despite the fact that she won’t be sleeping in the nursery for a few months (and will be with us in our room), I still want to have things in place before our daughter arrives. We bought furniture for our toddler, which (in theory) should last him through his teenage years. Then I decorated and […]

Decorating My Toddler’s Room

I’m calling it the “Great Migration“: where my toddler moves out of the nursery to his big boy room and the baby moves out of our room to the nursery. Granted the baby isn’t here yet and none of this will take place until September or October, but I like to plan. Plus, I like […]

Post-Surgery Bonding

The nurses and staff at the hospital where I am receiving care have been amazing. They even tried to follow my ‘birth plan’ by having skin to skin contact (even though I was still asleep, had oxygen & a tube.) Needless to say, when I woke up that morning, this not the image I would […]

The Newest Chronicle

Here she is….”Super G”. To learn about her arrival, click here.

My Day on Fox 25 Morning News

About a month ago, I had the fantastic opportunity to appear on television to talk about pregnancy in anticipation of the movie “What to Expect When You are Expecting“. Let’s just say it is hard to appear on camera when you are pregnant. The “camera puts on 10 pounds” is hard to swallow when you […]

The Birth Story of My Baby Girl

I woke up with cramps around 5:15am on the morning of June 20, 2012. Within an hour, I realized I was having consistent contractions spaced about 10 minutes apart. With a routine Ob/Gyn appointment scheduled for a couple of hours later, I figured I would wait until the visit and see what they had to […]

To My Little Boy As He Becomes a Big Brother

In these early hours of June 19, 2012, I know that time is short before our family goes from three to four; that the minutes fly by when I am a mom only to one – you; my precious little boy. You have had my sole attention these past 32 months. Where I would go, […]


A new company called DailyFeats believes in the power of small actions and shared motivation. It’s a free online and mobile application that has taken the popular concepts of to-do lists, checklists, and calendar items, and added motivation and inspiration to help you reach your personal goals. It gives you reminders, incentives, and motivation to […]

Baby Pool

So after having a baby gender reveal party, sharing my various pregnancy stories, and other pregnancy preparations, we are finally in the home stretch. I am due on June 22nd, so I thought it would be fun to have a baby pool! A baby pool is where you guess the date and time that this baby […]

Bye Bye Pregnancy

In these final moments (days? hours?) of my pregnancy, I figured I better jot down some thoughts. I could be mushy, but decided that would be another post. So I think the best way to recap this pregnancy is think about what I won’t miss about being pregnant and what I am most looking forward […]

How to Get Your Posts Seen on Facebook

If you are a Blogger – one that is not paid by a big corporation – you know that Facebook’s changes these past three months has made it really hard for us to have a small blogging business (think Mom Bloggers). More and more of Facebook’s redesign for Pages is geared to big companies, but […]

Sharing Details of Your Pregnancy or Birth Story Online

This has been a very interesting pregnancy in that my experience of it has been more public. When I was pregnant with my first child, I had a share site that I only used for family. While it was also a personal pregnancy journal, one could only access it by a password. At the time, […]

Wanted: One Baby Girl’s Name

Someone help us name this baby!! Seriously. We were pretty shocked we were having a girl when we had our baby gender reveal Twitter Party back in March. If you don’t believe me, just watch this video. So needless to say, we had a boy’s name picked out, but not a girl’s name. You’d think […]

Preparing a Toddler for a New Sibling

There has been a lot I’ve been doing to prepare for baby #2: reinstalling the infant car seat, dusting off the pack-in-play, and pulling baby clothes out of storage. But the one thing I didn’t have to do the first time around is to prepare a toddler for baby #2. So we have been in […]

Baby Style at BlogHer

I’m really bummed I cannot attend Reviewers Retreat this year because of my pregnancy airline restrictions. Since my due date got moved up, I can’t fly after 37 weeks. Thus, I’m hoping to be able to pull off Blog World a few days later, since it only requires a train ride and no evil TSA […]

Sibling Preparation Classes and Books

This past weekend, we took a sibling preparation tour at our local hospital because we are expecting baby number two this summer, and thought we would be responsible and overly concerned parents to our 2.5 year old toddler. It cost $20 and lasted one hour. However, when we left, I felt like it was the biggest waste […]

Boppy Products

The Boppy Company is well known for its Boppy Pillows for new Moms. Whether used for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or tummy time, it is a must-have baby registry item. But here are some other Boppy products that you should definitely considering purchasing as they have some unique features and functions, including a travel Boppy, a […]

Crab and Cheese Sandwiches

I came across this really delicious sandwich recipe on the Sargento Cheese website, and I had to share. This was such an easy recipe to make and it is so yummy. Perfect for this time of year with the crab. Definitely a must try, especially with their new thin sliced cheeses because it doesn’t over power […]

Lawry’s Dinnertisement

So last week I posted about a great Lawry’s recipe I tried on my toddler who has developed an obsession with Mac & Cheese. I searched the Lawry’s website and found a great Mac & Cheese alternative. But I had to ‘sell it”. So I created a fun Dinnertisement to get him excited about eating it. […]