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New Meaning of Pregnancy “Support”

Seriously, the indignities of pregnancy are too numerous to name. But I experienced a new one this time around that even I didn’t see coming. I had to buy a maternity support belt. {Seriously.} The product description doesn’t help the sexy factor, which is woeful at this point of pregnancy anyway, but it’s an embarrassing […]

New Infant Swaddling Recommendations

As a Mom that is about to have another baby, I’m already adding more swaddling blankets, like these from Aden and Anais, as well as swaddle sleepsacks, like this one from Halo, to my parenting stash. Yet, new information has been released about swaddling that any parent – whether you are expecting your first child […]

Mac & Cheese Alternative

My toddler loves Mac & Cheese. No surprise right? But I hate giving it to him all the time. (He is starting to ask for it for breakfast.) I need something else. Like, now. When I try to give him, say, steak, this is his reaction….. Holy Moly, right? So I found this recipe for […]

Sargento Thin To Win Challenge

Whether we crack our knuckles or need to clean out the kitchen drawer; whether we need to go through the pile of paper on our desk or throw away the junk food in the pantry, we all have things we want to “thin out” of our lives. So, Sargento Cheese decided to create a challenge […]

Summer Beauty Trends

Thanks to Walgreens for underwriting this post. I was paid as a member of the Clever Girls Collective, but the content is all mine. Visit It is hard to believe that summer is almost here, but this year I’m more acutely aware of the start of summer because that is when this baby bump […]

Online Childbirth Education Classes

Personally, I hate the idea of traditional childbirth education classes. While I want information about childbirth options, risks, and techniques, the idea of getting the details in front of strangers is a little…weird to me. It works for others. Don’t get me wrong. Obviously, because thousands of people take such classes every year in the […]

Viacord Event

Fabulous event this Sunday in Boston for expecting women!

Tooth Fairy Kids Club

In preparation for my MAM Baby party, I learned a lot about teeth, oral products, and educational resources to help parents (and kids) establish good oral hygiene. If you read my post-party blog post, I had mentioned the program called the America’s ToothFairy Kids Club by the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation (NCOHF), and I wanted to […]

Premama Prenatal Vitamin

There are a lot of indignities in being pregnant, as I have discussed here and here. But one of the things you have to do in pregnancy, that no one tells you about, is to take a prenatal vitamin that makes you want to gag. They are the size of a small horse (only somewhat […]

WonderWorld Toys

A lot of Moms (myself included) look to add a variety of eco-friendly, non-toxic, green toys to their kids’ toy repertoire. Yet, without a standard for such toys, there is a little bit of ‘buyer beware’. Because you may do a search for ‘green toys’ on, and this will come up. Which is probably […]

What to Get Mom for Mother’s Day

I was going to do a “Mother’s Day Gift Roundup”, or something similar. You know, provide suggestions on flowers, jewelry, pampering and more to give you ideas on what to get your wife or own Mother for Mother’s Day. But if your Mom is anything like my Mom, save the receipt on that jewelry because […]

Drool Baby Expo by Magic Beans

I am really excited about sharing this post again because, well, it is about a super-awesome high-end baby expo here in Boston. Not New York. Not LA. Here…in Beantown. Aren’t you now excited too? This extraordinary expo called Drool (awesomely clever name) is the brainchild of the locally amazing Magic Beans, in collaboration with Big City […]

Riddle Me This

We are expecting a baby girl in less than two months and we still don’t have a name. (Which is a whole other post entirely.) So, as most people in social media would do, I want to turn to my Facebook fans and Twitter friends to get their suggestions. There is a name for it. […]

MAM Smile Party

We had a super fun MAM party over the weekend! The party theme was “Smile” and it was just a way for some Moms and our toddlers to play around the theme of learning to brush teeth. We read a book about Tooth Brushing. We had some kid-friendly music in the background, with theme appropriate […]