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Fashion Forward Pregnancy at Mom 2.0

The recent chatter about the Mom 2.0 fashion scene really doesn’t apply to me this conference go-around. Why? Because I’m 32 weeks pregnant. At this point, my main goal is not fashion. For anyone who’s been pregnant, you know wardrobe options are limited even on a good day at home. Add a beach-front White Party and […]

Grocery and Recipe App from

Between 4pm and 6pm, I get into panic mode. I don’t know what to make for dinner. If I did better with grocery shopping over the weekend, I may not have food amnesia Monday through Friday. Like me, you probably have heard of because it is a great online recipe resource. So I was […]

Heart of Haiti and How to Teach Children to Give Back

As a mom to a toddler, we haven’t gotten to the age, or stage, where I’ve been able to share with him my thoughts and actions on social responsibility. Yet, just because he is two, and wouldn’t understand, I can still start setting the foundation in the following ways. Here are my four “T”s: 1. […]

Hallmark Card Showers

Like I mentioned in a previous post, when you are pregnant the second time around, you don’t get a baby shower. While I did host a baby gender reveal party, all the awesome gifts were given to charity or as a giveaway during our #pinkorblue Twitter party. So needless to say, I was so happy to […]

Foodler Review

With a new baby on the way, I’m not going to want to cook in those early days after the baby is born. But since the hubby (who doesn’t know how to cook) and my toddler (who would burn the house down) need to eat, I’m kinda stuck. Other than relying on family and friends […]

Quick Zip Sheet Review

Changing crib sheets can be such a pain! Especially when the mattress is on the lowest setting. Trying to reach in to get the mattress, taking the sheet off and then putting it back on, is a challenge. Then add the fact that us Moms often have to do all of this in the middle […]

Mosquito Mayhem

Last year we redesigned our backyard. However, by the time we were done, it was August and we didn’t get to enjoy much of it during the short New England summer. Yet, what made it really unusable, were all the mosquitoes that came out around the time we would want to enjoy a summer dinner […]

Dr. Panda Teach Me! App Review

Here is another cool iPhone/iPad app for your toddler or preschooler to try out. It’s called Dr. Panda Teach Me! by Tribe Play. The general premise of the app is that Dr. Panda (a lovable, fluffy cartoony-kind of Panda) visits four different lands (Meadow, Jungle, Farm and the Arctic) where he meets different animals that […]

Baby Brezza

In my immediate family, there are a lot of babies that are going to be born in the next couple of months. I recently threw a baby gender reveal party to celebrate the pending arrival of our bundle of joy, but my brother and sister-in law are expecting their own bundle shortly after mine. Their […]

Easter Basket Ideas

Some local Moms had fantastic ideas on the Metrowest Mamas Facebook page about what to do with Easter Baskets. Chocolate is the most popular item of course. As a kid, I always loved getting a new Barbie and my brothers’ loved getting toy cars and trucks. One memory I have is our family backyard Easter Egg Hunts. […]

Marshmallow Peep Peach Fizz

This time of year, you see these little guys everywhere. They may pop up in other colors (or in disguise…) As a kid, we would perform various Marshmallow peep experiments and often liked to cut off the top of one peep and place it on other peeps, making various rainbow peeps….but that is probably a […]

Kid Birthday Party Dos and Donts

I haven’t gotten into the birthday party circuit yet. Since my son is only two years old, we haven’t hit that stage, but I know it is coming. {Shudder} Being an older first-time Mom, however, I have friends who have “been there, done that” with regard to kid birthday parties. I have been listening for […]