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Tips for Passing Down Electronic Devices to Your Kids

With tech gadgets being released at a rapid pace, your phone, laptop or tablet is outdated the minute you walk out the door. At some point, most of us upgrade and it’s usually our smartphones. I finally broke down 4 months ago and upgraded my iPhone 3 for the iPhone 4s. Since my iPhone 3 […]

How to Apply No-Follow Rule to All Your Links

Many bloggers log onto their blogs and post about their day, their life, the latest giveaway or product review they have, and log off. Without understanding, in that short time, they inadvertently violated a half dozen rules and laws. But since the laws and rules keep changing, it is hard to keep up. Case in point, […]

Baby Showers for Second Time Moms

If you haven’t been following my blog posts, you need to go here and here because of the cool Gender Reveal Party I’m hosted in-person and online. Which leads me to this post about baby registries. As a soon-to-be second-time Mom, I am pretty sure I’m not getting a shower this time around as very few […]

Baby Gender Reveal Post Party

Here is a post-baby gender reveal party video with images to recap the night! I still cannot believe we now know the gender and that we got to celebrate with friends, family and with over 1400 people online that night (and over 2 million impressions). It was such a blast combining something simple like an […]

Barefoot Books World Atlas App

Touch Press and Barefoot Books has its first ever app called the Barefoot World Atlas App based on the acclaimed hardback atlas published by Barefoot Books in 2011. It’s specially engineered to take advantage of the stunning new Retina display and quad-core graphics on the iPad 3, but don’t worry if you have the iPad 2 (or even a plain ol’ […]

Gender Guess for Gender Reveal Party

If you haven’t heard about my Gender Reveal Twitter Party, then go and read about it. I’ll wait……………….. Wicked cool, huh? These fantastic companies and people are giving away awesome prizes in this online baby party, where you all are getting the gifts instead of me! (Though I do get to eat a cupcake, which […]

Tiny Love

I love Tiny Love – a baby gear company that gets Mom-hood, and I am so excited they participated in our Gender Reveal Twitter party. I first learned about Tiny Love, like most of us Moms, when I had my first child. The very first thing that we bought was Follow Me Fred; before we bought […]

Kid Jewelry Can Be Toxic

If you are a parent of a girl, you know that they love to play dress up and wear jewelry. However, if you shop at Target, Walmart or other low cost retailers, they may be wearing more than just jewelry & may be wearing toxic chemicals too. Since we aren’t about to give our little […]

Punchbowl Electronic Invitations

When I knew I was going to have a gender reveal party, Punchbowl invitations were a must. I thought about paper invitations initially (they can be really pretty and snazzy), but since it was going to be more than just your average party, I knew that static paper wouldn’t cut it with the changing guest […]

Employers Asking for Facebook Passwords

We all know that employers (current and potential) do Google searches as part of background checks, and in recent years, that includes social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. With new privacy settings for Facebook, however, it is harder to see public posts. So employers have started asking Facebook passwords to get ‘Facebook insider information’. […]

Goldenview Ultrasound Review

I recently had a 4D Ultrasound at Goldenview Ultrasound, and while this is a bit of a review, it is also a personal story. Over the past month, I have chatted with friends about an issue that, frankly, I felt ashamed to admit. This pregnancy (and my life) is nothing similar to when I was […]

St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids

Whether you are Irish or not, whether you can spell claddagh or you can’t, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day can be fun, as well as good cultural exposure for your children. So here are some St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids of all ages. If you have younger kids, here are some fun ways to spice […]

Mom Theories

My Quotes for the Month of March.  

Next Size Up Kids Consignment Sale

The Next Size Up Kids’ Consignment Sale will hold its biggest event on Thursday, March 29, 2012-April 1, 2012 at the former Borders Books on Route 1 in North Attleboro. Parents can shop from thousands of gently-used toys, clothing, baby gear, books, DVDs, video games, kids decor and more. (And save a lot of money […]

What is a Gender Reveal Party

With over 60% of pregnant women finding out the gender of their baby during the course of their pregnancies, Gender Reveal Parties and Gender Reveal Baby Showers are growing in popularity. It is especially popular for second time pregnant Moms looking for a unique way to celebrate the birth of other children. Since many second […]

Gender Reveal Twitter Party

After making the decision to have a Gender Reveal Party to find out the gender of this baby with which I am currently pregnant, it was a natural progression as a Blogger to make it a fun online event too. If you don’t know much about Gender Reveal Parties, you should definitely read my post […]

Pop of Pink this Spring

March is a tough time to know what to wear. Especially here in New England when you have no idea if it will be 30 degrees or 60 degrees outside. Add to the fact that you are probably sick of wearing neutrals all winter too. The solution this spring is to think Pink. Bright pink. […]

What To Consider in Your Facebook Page Timeline

In a couple of weeks, whether we like it or not, Facebook will be switching all Brand pages to the Timeline format. Having two Facebook pages (one for Charlene Chronicles and one for Metrowest Mamas, I decided to switch one over now and wait on the second one. That way, I can play around with […]

Hallmark at Blissdom

Hallmark was a suite sponsor at the 2012 Blissdom Conference. They shared an amazing array of cards from Birthdays to Just Because. Neat new designs (think a slide out pocket) and new sound cards that are a huge hit in our family. Each Blogger could pick a card to send to another Blogger at the […]

Wayland Country Club Golf Giveaway

If you or someone you know lives in Metrowest, Massachusetts, this is a “hole-in-one” deal. (Get it – hehehe) Eversave has a deal for 46% off 18 holes of golf and a cart at the Wayland Country Club (Wayland, MA). Not only is $34 for 18 holes of golf a sweet spot, but it is […]

Giving Your Child Everything They Want

As a parent it is hard not to give your child everything they want. It seems as if I am always saying no. No chocolate. No cheese. No throw. No touch. Luckily he is pretty choosy, so it is not often I do need to say no, even at the toy store, but tonight, as we stood […]

Blogging on the iPad

The biggest complaint I have always had about the iPad is that it is hard to blog. It is fabulous to watch movies, read a book (unless you are outside), tweet, surf, or play games. But blog….no. The issue with blogging is that you often need to insert a video, upload code, attach a photo, or add […]

March for Babies with Metrowest Mamas

For the past two years, I’ve been involved with Isis Parenting‘s March for Babies Team in support of the March of Dimes. This year, Isis Parenting asked me to set up a Metrowest Mamas Team and I think it will be so much fun to take this group from online to real-time. Yes, a March […]

Oprah’s Next Chapter

Oprah Winfrey’s new show called “Oprah’s Next Chapter” has a great episode with Paula Deen tonight (Sunday, March 4, 2012) at 9pm ET on the OWN Network, but I got a sneak peek of the show when I was at Blissdom 2012. As a wife, as a Mom, and as a professional Blogger with various blogging […]

Fabric Softeners

If you are wondering whether to use fabric softener in your laundry, the answer is yes – unless you have performance fabrics, like athletic shorts or sports tops with wicking properties, or other fabrics that are infused with SPF coatings. You can’t use it on cloth diapers either, as it can impact the wicking ability […]