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Answering a Toddler’s Question

My toddler’s reasoning has really taken off. Everything is “Why?” Thus, I try, as the modern-doting mother that I am, to answer my toddler’s questions to the best of my ability. I realized that approach, however, can backfire. Being a boy, he is very interested in boy things. Cars, trucks, the remote control and yes, […]

Laundry Apps

Let’s face it. We do laundry all the time. But despite our laundry laurels, there are time when we get stumped. Whether it is an ink stain or an oil stain, or whether to use fabric softener or not, I want a go-to resource. Not just “Google General”.┬áSo if you have a smart phone, it […]

Four At-Home Vacation Activities for Kids

While there are always scheduled school vacation events in your local community, sometimes the weather can thwart outdoor events. Or here in the Northeast, the standard winter break activities of ice skating or sledding are a no-go with our mild weather this season. Other considerations like budget, or even sick kids, can prevent you from […]

Quinn Popcorn

When I was grocery shopping last weekend at Whole Foods, I saw this in a display section. I don’t know what drew me to it. The box design? The fact that it was microwave popcorn? Well, whatever the reason, the ploy worked. The really cool popcorn flavors sweetened the pot. Parmesan & Rosemary? Lemon & […]

Hint Water Review

As a runner, I know the importance of water when I train and run races. As a human being, I know water is essential everyday. Being pregnant, I need it even more. Regardless of the day or the stage in my life, I need to drink water. But I hate it. Water is boring and […]

Pregnancy Cravings

Anyone who has ever been pregnant, has at one point craved something, somewhere at sometime. Whether something as simple as ice cream, as specific as mint chocolate chip ice cream or as strange as ice cream with relish toppings. With my first pregnancy, I didn’t have any bizarre cravings but I did have two consistent […]

Happy Baby Food Review

Happy Baby Foods is a great brand that has been a part of our house since my first child was introduced to solid foods, and in about a year, I’ll be introducing baby number two to the same foods. Needless to say, we are huge fans. Not to say that we don’t have other products […]

Popover Recipe – BLT Steakhouse

When I was in New York a couple of months ago, my hubby took me out for my Birthday. Not only had it been four months since we had gone out to eat together, without a child in tow, but being in my first trimester of pregnancy, I had pretty specific requirements as to what […]

Toddler Teeth

Having a toddler presents many challenges. The most unique one, that I didn’t see coming, had to do with oral development (aka Teeth). On the one hand, a toddler is still teething (those nasty molars!). On the other hand, they are old enough to start brushing their teeth. As always, it is up to us […]

Be Cupid for Valentine’s Day

I cannot believe Valentine’s Day is one week away. While the hubby and I don’t do too much for each other, my brothers and I do something special for my Mom and Grandmother. My Grandfather passed away 12 years ago and my Father is in Afghanistan – so there is even more reason for us […]

Saves for those Winter Blues

This week Eversave Boston has some fun deals that can save you from the winter blues. Each day, check back here for the my top five ‘winter blue savers’, and take some time to pamper, relax and enjoy. Spring will be here before you know it (despite what the rodent in Pennsylvania said.) Day One: […]

Chicken Wing Cupcakes

Regardless of what team you root for, or who ultimately wins, the best part of any football game is the food – especially unique food items like Chicken Wing Cupcakes. While I wrote a post about fun Super Bowl food ideas, and even shared Coloring Sheets for the kids… is one recipe you should try: […]

Football Coloring Sheets for Kids

Here are some fun football coloring sheets for kids from the Patriot website to get the young fans excited for the game (or keep them occupied during the first half.) Just click the image to print out a larger copy. If you want to find more generic football coloring pages, check out this page for […]

Boston Stay-cation

Are you dreaming of a tropical vacation? Drooling over the commericals for a caribbean cruise? Yeah, me too. But time, budget, vacation days, and a whole of other factors usually keeps most of us in the “drool stage” only. But there are a couple of local options that may give you the break from daily […]

Super Bowl Ideas for Kids

The Super Bowl can be a fun event to get the kids excited – even if your family members are not big sports fans. Here are some fun Super Bowl Ideas for Kids to make the big game, big fun. 1. Buy some plain T-shirts at a thrift store or at a local dollar store. […]

Wanted: One Plunk-a-Doodle Monkey

Have you seen this Monkey? We are in desperate need to find him. My toddler has fallen in love with “Monkey” (Otherwise pronounced ‘Menkey’ in toddler-ease.) Nanna (my Mom) had given Menkey to my son a few months ago after finding it at a HomeGoods store. The problem is, we don’t have backup. Menkey is […]