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Making Your Blog Social

Tips and Strategies for Promoting your Content. As I mentioned in my recap of the Wordcamp Conference in Boston, I sat in on a session where the focus was on making your blog functional (see my post here) and on a session where the focus was making your blog social. Not Buddypress kind of social, but […]

Making Your Blog Functional

Top Tips for Blogging on WordPress As mentioned in my recap of the Wordcamp Conference in Boston, I sat in on a session where the focus was on making your blog social (see my post here) and then I sat on a panel about making your blog functional. Not regarding post content, but about the functionality […]

WordCamp Boston

What I did on my summer vacation. So this one time, at WordCamp…. I went to camp this summer; minus the mosquitoes and smores. (Bummer on the latter.) WordCamp was an informal day and a half Boston conference in July that focused on everything WordPress. Casual users (aka: me) to core developers got together to […]

Are you accurately listed on Foursquare?

If you are a small business, there is a lot of talk about having a business presence on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. There are lots of seminars teaching you strategies on searching for mentions of your business on Twitter so you can respond to comments via Tweet, or to review your stream on Facebook to […]

Klout and Self-Hosted WordPress Blogs

Klout Klash As many of you know from my previous Klout post, there are new ways to give Klout. However, there are new ways to add Klout too, and that is by linking your various social media channels into your Klout profile, such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, and more. There is even the ability […]

A 2nd Birthday Wish

I cannot believe that two years ago, at this very moment, you made your appearance on this earth. A lot has happened this past year. You started walking then running, jumping then climbing, twirling then dancing, babbling then talking. You went on your elevator ride… and your first plane ride too. Had your first ice […]

Tobin School Annual Volunteer Fair

The Tobin School in Natick, Massachusetts is hosting its 6th Annual Volunteer Fair on Saturday, November 5th from 10AM-1PM. And here is why you should put it on your family’s activity list for that weekend. Each of the activities at the Volunteer Fair allows participation by children and is geared towards children to engage them, […]

Animal Prints

Anything animal print is a hot find this fall. Here are some of my recent finds that can add some “jungle pop” to your Momdrobe! Sources: Nordstrom Rack, JCrew Related articles Animal Print ( The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Animal Prints ( How To Wear Animal Prints ( Image Credit:

Party Pooper

So last Saturday I found myself in Rhode Island with a booked hotel room in an expensive hotel for our belated anniversary, a perplexed husband, a mom who drove 90 minutes to stay overnight at our house to watch our 23 month old, and a staff at the StillWater Spa in Newport, RI wondering what […]

MBTA’s Nice Ad Campaign

Boston was named the least friendly city a couple months ago. Apparently, it is a wicked valid title now the MBTA (“Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority” for you non-Dunkie drinkin’ locals) has signs on the “T” asking “Bahstin” people to be nice. Here are some of the sayings: “Man gives up seat for pregnant woman! — Red Line […]

Exercising While Pregnant

So there have been a lot of articles about the woman who ran the Chicago Marathon at 39 weeks pregnant and gave birth just hours later. Her doctors had given her the go ahead and the race officials did not ban her from running. So she did. I love this story for many reasons, but mainly […]

Mine for Nine

Who says pregnant women can’t dress for the occasion, save money for that super luxurious baby stroller, and look fabulous at the same time. (Yes, dammit, we can have it all.) The holiday season is upon us and soon we will start getting the invites to the company holiday party, the neighborhood cocktail party, the […]

Body Image

I saw this on Facebook last week. It is was a post someone shared, from a woman (clothing size unknown) about women, body image and the societial pressure between the two. It is probably something you can find out there on the internet, but it went like this: “A while back, at the entrance of a gym, […]

Disney Mom

The day I came back from my Disney Vacation with my husband and toddler, I got this email. (Ironic, isn’t it.) Yup. Rejected. Again. This is the third time I have applied. I am not sure what I am saying (or not saying) that is not getting me to the next round, but I have […]

iPhone and Cell Contracts

I wanted to write a post about the new iPhone 5 iPhone 4Gs. Not about the specs or the flops, but why I thought Apple was even more clever than before. It had to do with cell phone contracts. Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks along these lines because the infamous Mashable […]

Citrus Lane

Citrus-y Birthdays Do you know that more American babies are born on October 5 than any other day of the year? Makes perfect sense after you do the math. October 5th is almost exactly 9 months after New Year’s Eve. (You know how crazy some people can get with the party hats and champagne.) So […]