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Bloggers and Brands

For some reason, I found myself overhearing a variety of Brand-to-Brand conversations during BlogHer. As I waited for a cab, I heard two Brand representatives chatting with each other about what they thought of Bloggers at BlogHer. At another point, I was on the otherside of an expo booth where I heard two Brand employees […]

Lawry’s Seasonings

As many of you know, I don’t cook. Well, unless it primarily uses my favorite household appliance. Yet, there are times when I have to <gasp> really cook. Like for people. That come over. To my house. And expect real food. So I guess I can cook, but I don’t like it. So when I […]

HTC Flyer Tablet

The HTC Flyer is a great option if you are in the market for a tablet. Here is my video on the three features of the Flyer that I consider to be Mom-tastic. I also love the ability to take pictures (and video) in fun ways. For example, you can video in black and white, […]

Conference Swag

While this post applies to a variety of conferences, it focuses on the BlogHer Conference. Often known as “SwagHer”, BlogHer can have an amazing frenzy for giveaways and free stuff, and the free stuff can be rather impressive. However, it is important not to be ‘Swagreedy’. While I previously posted about maximizing Brand/Blogger connections, as well as […]