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Life is a Special Occasion

The old saying, “Bad things happen to good people” happened on the afternoon of July 5, 2011 on a quite street in one of America’s oldest hometowns. Melanie of The Coupon Goddess and Melanie in the Middle was hit full force by car as she walked down the street in her neighborhood. After being thrown […]

California Raisin Grab and Go Bar

This past January at the Blissdom Conference, I got a chance to workout with, and interview, celebrity fitness trainer Valerie Waters. (She had great health and fitness tips, so check it out the video.) The event was sponsored by California Raisins and they had super-delish snack bars we grabbed post-workout. The recipe for the snack bar was created by […]

The Similarities Between Puppies and Babies

When I pulled out the puppy books again this past weekend after we picked up our third family dog (first-post baby), I came to the startling realization that these “How-To” puppy and baby books are similar in many ways. After my son was born, I read lots of books about how to have a happy baby, […]

Run a 5k

Couch to 5k Program I know a lot of you want to run a 5k, but don’t know where to start. If you have clearance to begin a running program, then you may want to check out Couch to 5k (C25K). What I like about this plan is that is about time and not distance. […]

My BlogHer Marathon

I recently heard there will be over 3000 people at BlogHer this year. In case you missed it.  T.H.R.E.E ……T.H.O.U.S.A.N.D! Holy #$%&! That’s a lot of peeps. The only event I have ever been at, that had that many people, is a Marathon.  At those, on average, there are over 20,000 people.  For anyone who […]

BlogHer Sponsors

How Brands and Bloggers can work together at Blogging Conferences The Expo Booth For anyone going to BlogHer this year, there are great posts about what to expect, what to wear and what to do. This post contains none of that. I am unfashionable, don’t get invited to private parties, and I wander around in […]

Stacey Peasley Children’s Music

I had the great opportunity to ‘twitterview’ Stacey Peasley; a super-talented Metrowest/Boston-based Children’s Music Performer who recently launched a CD on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby. The fact that I got to chat with a professional singer who started her career in the New York-based girl group “The Chiclettes” and has appeared on stages such as the Continental […]

Fritos Dips

Most parties have chips and dip, but how do you prevent the dip doldrums? Some blogging friends and I got together for a “Chip and Dip” #PerfectPairing party sponsored by Frito-Lay to share some recipes. It was a fun (and tasty) night.  There were five of us and each of us brought a bag of […]

Boston Least Friendly and Worst Dressed

Boston was just named the least friendly city. [No suh!] Ya suh! Not sure why though. Oh, wait. It’s because some boneheads at GQ don’t like our baseball hats and sneakers. If you dealt with freakin’ humidity that made your hair look like it was electrocuted, you would wear a baseball hat from one of the […]

Sunscreen Safety

Here Comes the Sun. For many of us, the summer means long sunny days outside – at BBQs, pools and beaches. Yet, those sunny days can be deadly. According to the American Cancer Society, more than 2 million cases of basal and squamous cell skin cancer are diagnosed each year, while more than 68,000 people […]

The Social Toast Show – Like Buttons

Here is a past video highlighting trends in Facebook. Whether it is Facebook Like Buttons, Share Buttons or Contests, here are some tips and takeaways for Facebook users, with social media expert Cindy from The Social Craft. Enjoy. Related articles Facebook Rolls Out Official Like Button Extension for Chrome (

The Social Toast Show: CE Week

Here is a past video highlighting awesome technology finds during CE week in New York this past spring, thanks to my friend Cindy from The Social Craft. Enjoy.

The Social Toast Show: Facebook Users

If you are a Facebook users, you probably have a variety of friends you engage with in that platform. Here is a great show with Cindy from The Social Craft, on who those friends are.