Archives for June 2011

Government Ban of Drop Side Baby Cribs

The Federal Government has officially banned the manufacture, sale and resale of baby cribs with drop-down sides. While the Consumer Product Safety Commission said in December 2010 it was banning the cribs with drop-down sides, the new rules went into effect yesterday for all manufacturers, retailers, daycare providers, consumers, etc. Safety standards for cribs have […]

Go GaGa Stuff Sack

Life is messy. The Stuff Sack by Go GaGa gives you the perfect place to stash the mess while you’re out and about. It is odor proof, leak proof, stain proof and waterproof. Plus, they’re machine washable. To use the bag, place the dirty items inside, roll the top of the bag 3 times and […]

New Dog

New Insanity OMG. I am getting a dog this Saturday. Forty-eight hours from now. I know the specific time when my life is going to change. As many of you know from my previous post, it has been a whirlwind. I don’t remember being this nervous when I got my other two dogs. But then […]

Disney Cars

My son is in love with trucks, cars and airplanes. I am pretty sure motorcycles are next. (Thank goodness he can’t drive yet.) So needless to say, the Disney Movie “Cars” that is coming out tomorrow (June 24) would be probably his nirvana. I loved the first one, which came out even before I had […]

How Social Media Changed My Life

Literally In the past, I have written a post about my entry into the Blogosphere, and my role from full-time attorney to work-at-home Blogger. Yet, to say Social Media has changed my life would be a major undertweetment. Err…I mean, understatement. Social Media has become also become a way of life for me. I check in […]

Posh Peacock, Sarah Feather and Ovations for the Cure

Hello, Gorgeous While I have written a post before about the awesomeness of Boston-based Posh Peacock, I had to write another post on the newest cards from her collection and the powerful story (I shed a lot of tears) behind them. Posh Peacock is donating 100% of the purchase proceeds of these featured card designs […]

Popcorn Party

Sometimes we want to throw a party or the kids’ are begging for a massive sleepover, but our time, energy and frankly, our funds, don’t align with a party of massive proportions. One idea that I stumbled upon in a Whole Foods magazine is a Popcorn Party. Yup. Popcorn Party. So start poppin’ people. Make […]

Bundle of Joy

We have been thinking about this for months. Weighing the pros and cons. It is a decision we did not take lightly as it would definitely change the status quo in our life (such as it is with a toddler and two dogs). Even though I have done it before, I wondered if I could […]

Name Your Tune CD

Personalized Kid CDs I think most parents have that one kid CD in the car that we play over (and over and over) again. If we are lucky, we like it too. For our family, it has been, and still is, the Name Your Tune digital CD. Where every song has my son’s name in […]