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Over 30 and Making New Friends

Is it ever too late to have new friends? Especially if you are over 30 years old? I find it harder to make new friends now that I am older. I have tried to reconnect with old college friends, tried to reach out to people in new Moms groups, and introduced myself to neighbors. But […]

Poll Question of the Week

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Chocolate Whipped Pudding Bars

In my opinion, Valentine’s Day should be about chocolate. Lots of it. So here is a super-yum chocolate-y recipe to (literally) whip up. It only takes about 10 minutes to prepare, but does need 4 hours in the refrigerator to firm up before eating, so take that into account. Makes about 24 servings, and you […]

Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day can be stressful. Commercials for chocolate, jewelry, cards, and dinners can send the holiday into overload (both on your wallet and your blood sugar). If you have kids and want to celebrate the day, but a bit lower key (and lower budget), there are some things you can do to be fabulously festive. […]

Healthy Habits Kitchen

Put the va-va-voom back into Valentine’s Day. Let’s face it. Many of us can’t go to a candlelit dinner with our partners for Valentine’s Day. Busy schedules, finding a babysitter, (paying the babysitter), and long wait times makes the idea of a romantic night out seem rather unromantic. Even if you don’t have children, meals […]

Turkey and White Bean Chili

So I stumbled across this recipe over the weekend as I was cleaning up a pile of recipe cards and magazine tear-outs. (More on that in another post.) But when I came upon this one, I forgot how much I loved to make this chili recipe. It is a lighter, somewhat healthier option (using turkey […]

Dr. Oetker Pizza

Bring the Ristorante to You. Hey everyone, there is a cool event I wanted to share with you. It is a online Talk with The Motherhood and it is sponsored by a company called Dr. Oetker. The Talk will start off with a quick background of the Dr. Oetker brand (it has an interesting story), and […]

Snow Day Activity with Kids

With the bazillion snow storm upon us (and the gazillionth snow day), parents and kids are desperate for something to do that does not involve snow. Because let’s face it, how many snowpeople can one create in one winter? If we did one for each snow storm, it would look like an army of snowpeople […]