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The Okay Book by Todd Parr

I stumbled across this book recently and I wanted to share it with you. It is called the Okay Book and it is a fun and colorful book, with simple stick figure faces and easy sentences, that subtly let’s kids know that it is okay to be different. It is okay to be big or […]

Take Your Day in Stride

I recently was approached by a company called Stride Everyday to try out some underwear. Yes, that is what I said. Underwear, panties, whatever you want to call them. Was it some sexy lingerie shop knocking? Um, no. I have a 10 month old so those days are long gone my friends. Sigh. What I […]

Homemade Anniversary Cards

As I mentioned in a previous post, our family has been really sick this past weekend. When Monday came around, I realized it was my second wedding anniversary and I did not have a card. I felt even more sick. In my mind, I was determined to give my husband a card on our anniversary […]

ER Preparedness

During the Labor Day weekend, I spent my Saturday night in the ER.  My son had been sick for a week and started vomiting after dinner. Though we had dealt with 102 degree temperatures off and on all week, coughing fits, diarrhea, diaper rash, mucus and an eye infection, which all had prompted a visit […]

Favorite Non-Toy

Recently, Isis Parenting posted a question on their blog asking what are some common non-toys that our kids love. Even though we may have the latest and greatest toys on the market that are touted the best for cognitive development, etc., etc., it is often the simplest (and cheapest) items that rock our kids’ boats. […]

KidsDoc Symptom Checker

What should parents do when their child spikes a fever, starts coughing or vomiting, breaks out in a rash, gets a sore throat, or develops many other common conditions? They might try consulting KidsDoc Symptom Checker, a tool provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Available online at or as an iPhone app. […]