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The Best Teething Rings

I am in the midst of the great teeth invasion. My son decided to be efficient and get several teeth at once, and in no particular order. Not sure if it is better or worse than getting one tooth at a time, but regardless of the best way, the key to survival (his and mine) […]

My BlogHer Gritty Run

On my first morning without a baby in 9 months, 2 weeks and 4 days (who’s counting), I voluntarily woke up at 6:15am to run the streets of New York for the BlogHer 5k during the BlogHer conference. God I am a freak. of. nature. I started off running with Working Mom Fence. She was in her […]

SJC Maternity Leave Ruling and Women in Office

Between the hot air over the breastfeeding crusader Giselle and the cool air over the 8 week unpaid maternity leave SJC ruling in Massachusetts, it seems a new mother can’t get a break these days. I can remember feeling I could walk out the door at around 6 weeks after the birth of my first […]

My Parenting Fail

It is $%^&$% impossible to work and watch a baby at the same time. And yes people, I just said the word <bleep>. Little Miss Charlene swore. Frankly, it is liberating. For 9 months now (okay, more like 6 since I was on maternity leave) I have been working and taking care of my son, […]

Super Duper Sittercity

I am going to BlogHer’10 this year and I am super excited to meet fellow bloggers and great companies. Yet, while I am running around the Big Apple learning how to be a better blogger, I will be wondering if I am a decent mother. When I leave for BlogHer, I will be leaving my […]