Archives for June 2010

Unexpected Toy Adoration

There are so many toys out there. Developmental, playful, skill enhancing, you name it.  So when I was at a toy store with my infant son, I was browsing the shelves and a strange toy caught my eye. With bright colors, cute name, dumbbell shape and a giggle sound when shaken, it was an intriguing […]

Tickle Tales

I am in love with the Tickle Monster Kit by Josie Bissett. There is no other way to describe this book, other than enchanting. It is about an adorable monster that has just flown in from Planet Tickle. His mission is to bring joy and laughter to Planet Earth by tickling. Parents read and tickle […]

Playdough Fun

Rainy days are the worst with kids afoot. Even worse is rainy days two days in a row. Yet here is a great activity to keep boredom at bay (even if it is just for an hour). I remember my Mom making homemade playdough when I was a kid. I loved to help make it and then […]

At-Home Pedicure Pampering

I am a mom to a baby. This means I have not had a pedicure since…ummm….last July. This is generally not a problem, but for the fact it is June and it is beach and sandal season again. (Crap) However, my schedule has always been hectic and I barely made time for pampering activities even before […]