Archives for January 7, 2010

Rising Temperatures

I dread the day my son gets sick, but when that day comes, I am so glad I have the Safety 1st Complete Family Thermometer.  I got this Thermometer as a token for participating in a focus group.  I have already tried it and think it is so nifty that I had to spread the […]

Ditch the Socks

I cannot believe the holidays are over, but it was super fun having a new baby to introduce to family and friends.  I got to dress my son in outfits, rather than sleepsacks, and have people fuss over him (and me) during the various festivities.  Not a bad deal. Yet, having a son usually does […]

My Real Baby Registry Wish List

There are ten baby items I wish I had known I would need before I had my baby.  Many of my picks are not found in the big chain baby registry stores, which is why I never came across them for my baby registry.  But since my baby has been born, these are products that […]