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Six Eco-Friendly Toys and Companies for Babies and Toddlers

In honor of Earth Day, I wanted to share five eco-friendly toys and companies. For older kids, check out this post with even more earth-friendly toys. However, for the young ones - here are six unique, eco-friendly toys and companies that have … [Read More...]

Five Green, Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Toys For Earth Day

If you are looking for great toys that promote sustainability, teach kids about recycling, promote green and earth-friendly play, then these are the toys you should have on hand for Earth Day and Earth Month! As a Toy Expert for the past 10 years, … [Read More...]

Colorful Zoom Birthday Party Backgrounds for Virtual Birthdays

Since it looks like virtual birthday parties are here to stay, it is time to get some virtual backgrounds for Zoom and Skype that are birthday party-themed! Typically we would all be buying party decor like streamers and signs to make the party … [Read More...]

Creatively Easy Ideas for a Monster Truck Birthday Party

If you are looking to have a Monster Truck themed birthday party, here are some ideas to consider! Watch a Monster Truck Movie Trucks + Racing + Action + Monsters? A boy's dream! The premise of the Monster Trucks movie is that a high … [Read More...]

Hermes Birkin Bag Sizes and Prices in 2021

The Hermes Birkin bags sizes are available in 25, 30, 35, 40 and 50cm sizes. There are also two bigger models, the 45cm and 55cm, which are intended to be used as traveling bags, but these are no longer made. hermes birkin prices and sizes The … [Read More...]

Everything You Need To Know About The Hermes Garden Party

There are many benefits to the Hermes Garden Party. Why a Hermes Garden Party? Most people who have it, love the: Entry price into a Hermes Bag. While not cheap, it is still less compared to many of the other Hermes handbags.Structured … [Read More...]

My Review of Juice Plus Vitamins and Gummies for Kids

Dr. Bill Sears and Dr. Jim Sears are two renowned pediatricians. Most parents know of Dr. Sears. Yet, as a parent, I had no idea he had a nutrition-based company called Juice Plus┬«+ until I learned about it via a blogger campaign. Juice Plus is … [Read More...]

What is Bag Nesting and And How To Bag Nest

The "trend" of bag nesting is one I started doing in 2000 and has notable following and posts on social media now. So here is what bag nesting is and how to bag nest and why it is something to jump on board with if you haven't done so … [Read More...]

How to Give New Life to an Old Louis Vuitton Bag

I recently purchased a Vintage Louis Vuitton Handbag called the Danube. It is a great crossbody bag to carry the essentials like keys, phone and a small wallet. Sometimes you just need a little bag on the weekends at the kids' soccer practice or … [Read More...]

Six Unique Ways to Use Play Water Tables Without Water

Kids' play water tables are fun sensory play during the hot summer months. However, when the weather turns cool, that does not mean the water tables should be banished to the basement or shelved in storage. Rather, there are other unique ways to use … [Read More...]