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DIY of the Week: Pet Picture Blanket

It can be hard when a pet passes on. However, what I didn't realize is how hard it can be on other pets that are still living. When my oldest dog passed recently, my other dog was clearly depressed. They had snuggled and slept together all the … [Read More...]

Pet Memento Ideas: Ways to Keep Your Pet Close After Passing

When your pet passes, it can be a heartbreaking moment in your life. One way to heal from the grief is to find a way to memorialize them, or carry the heart of them with you. It was what I needed when my beloved dog of 12 years passed recently. … [Read More...]

5 Tips for Running a Marathon in the Rain

After running 7 marathons (five Boston Marathons and two others) I have a lot of experience running in various weather conditions. Don't forget all the 20 mile pre-Marathon training runs too! I've run Boston when it was 100 degrees, I've run Disney … [Read More...]

Sesame Place: First Theme Park With IBCCES Designation

Sesame Place recently completed a staff-wide autism sensitivity and awareness training. The completion designates Sesame Place as a IBCCES Certified Autism Center (CAC). Sesame Place is now the first theme park in the world to receive such a … [Read More...]

Why I’m More Worried about Babies R Us Closing

As you can see from this post, I am not surprised that Toys R Us is closing. While it may leave a void, in that it was a large toy retailer that had a lot of shelf space dedicated to toys, it is the potential loss of Babies R Us that has me more … [Read More...]

Selecting Schleich for Play

This is a sponsored post thanks to Schleich. When you love toys and write for The Toy Insider about toys as I do, I am often asked, "What toys do you love giving the most to your kids?" However, my response is more about "What do my kids ask me for … [Read More...]

Is Only Economics to Blame for Toys R Us’ Failure?

There has been a lot of online talk, written articles and whispered speculation about the future of Toys R Us. Everything from its restructuring bankruptcy in the fall of 2017 to announcements of liquidation six months later, Toys R Us has been in … [Read More...]

Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas

Easter Basket stuffer ideas that aren't candy! The Easter Bunny these days is at a loss! With the rising rates of food allergies and nutritional concerns, the Easter Bunny is often discouraged from filling baskets with candy. So these are great … [Read More...]

Six No Candy Easter Hunt Egg Filler Ideas

If you love having Easter Egg Hunts for the Kids but need some inspiration, you've come to the right place. These are some totally different easter egg hunt ideas. If you need something other than candy to fill the balls of plastic, here are some no … [Read More...]

I #ChooseKind. Will you?

As a parent, I strive everyday to teach my kids to be open, accepting and non-judgmental. It is not a one-time thing, but a constant teachable moment. However, there was one occasion when my kids caught me crying. Rather than brush it off, and … [Read More...]