Smuggler’s Notch Resort Review

Smuggs Digs

When I was invited to Smugglers Notch in Vermont for a Bloggers Weekend with my family,  I thought. “Neat”.  When I started looking into the resort amenities, I thought, “Wow.” After experiencing a long weekend there? One word: “Amazing”. So how do you put words into describing “Amazing”? Therein lies the problem. I have been […]

Decorating My Toddler’s Room

I’m calling it the “Great Migration“: where my toddler moves out of the nursery to his big boy room and the baby moves out of our room to the nursery. Granted the baby isn’t here yet and none of this will take place until September or October, but I like to plan. Plus, I like […]

Preparing a Toddler for a New Sibling


There has been a lot I’ve been doing to prepare for baby #2: reinstalling the infant car seat, dusting off the pack-in-play, and pulling baby clothes out of storage. But the one thing I didn’t have to do the first time around is to prepare a toddler for baby #2. So we have been in […]

Sibling Preparation Classes and Books

This past weekend, we took a sibling preparation tour at our local hospital because we are expecting baby number two this summer, and thought we would be responsible and overly concerned parents to our 2.5 year old toddler. It cost $20 and lasted one hour. However, when we left, I felt like it was the biggest waste […]

Quick Zip Sheet Review

Changing crib sheets can be such a pain! Especially when the mattress is on the lowest setting. Trying to reach in to get the mattress, taking the sheet off and then putting it back on, is a challenge. Then add the fact that us Moms often have to do all of this in the middle […]

Answering a Toddler’s Question

My toddler’s reasoning has really taken off. Everything is “Why?” Thus, I try, as the modern-doting mother that I am, to answer my toddler’s questions to the best of my ability. I realized that approach, however, can backfire. Being a boy, he is very interested in boy things. Cars, trucks, the remote control and yes, […]

Toddler Friendly Banana Protein Shake

Last week, my Pumpkin Smoothie recipe was featured on the Isis Parenting Blog. Not only because it is healthy, but because it is something that even your toddler can enjoy. A lot of people loved it, so I wanted to share another smoothie recipe that has a great amount of protein and is tasty enough […]

Disney Mom

Disney Moms Panel Rejection Letter

The day I came back from my Disney Vacation with my husband and toddler, I got this email. (Ironic, isn’t it.) Yup. Rejected. Again. This is the third time I have applied. I am not sure what I am saying (or not saying) that is not getting me to the next round, but I have […]

The Similarities Between Puppies and Babies

Reading Woman

When I pulled out the puppy books again this past weekend after we picked up our third family dog (first-post baby), I came to the startling realization that these “How-To” puppy and baby books are similar in many ways. After my son was born, I read lots of books about how to have a happy baby, […]

Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)

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