Easter Baskets, Hersheys and Thankfulness

I was so excited to get a complimentary Hersheys Easter Basket, filled with chocolatey goodness, again this year to share on my blog. If you celebrate Easter, who doesn’t love to get Easter Baskets? It is like getting a surprise delivery of fruit or flowers for your birthday. Yet, when I opened the box containing […]

Life The Past Two Months – Trifecta of Troubles

I haven’t wanted to write in awhile because I have been so exhausted. There have been a lot of things going on behind the scenes causing my sporadic silence.  A trifecta of troubles if you will. While some of the ‘things’ are great ones requiring my attention, it has been the not so great ones […]

My Parenting Resolutions

A Year-End Letter to my Two Hearts Dear Bubby and Lovey. Where has the year gone, and what changes took place in them? I’ve been horrible about documenting your milestones this year. One that I am soon to correct, but I thought I would take a moment in these final hours of 2012 to share […]

2012: A Transformation, a Renewal and a Promise

2012 Year in Review I cannot believe the year 2013 is upon me. While I didn’t take much stock in the world ending on 12/21/12, it is nice to know we are still around. Apparently, however, that date was an interesting one. As I understand it (which is rather sketchy) the Sun aligned with the Milky […]

Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)