Red Carpet Ready: Portable Beauty Products

red carpet ready glam looks

Awards season is here and it’s time to kick it off with this weekend’s Golden Globes. A-Listers and party-goers are getting red-carpet and camera ready with simple solutions that are fun, fast, and fresh. As Moms though, these portable beauty products not only will make you red carpet ready or date night ready, but also […]

Revision Intellishade Tinted Moisturizer

revision skincare tinted moisturizer

I had to share a new find this week. It meets all my needs: makeup, moisturizer, and sunscreen…IN ONE! So you if avoid one of these because it is just too much work to layer it all on every day, then check out the Revision Skincare Intellishade®. It is anti-aging tinted moisturizer with SPF 45 […]

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow

chanel les ombres multi effect quadra eyeshadow copy

When I heard about a local Chanel makeup event, sponsored by Allure Magazine, at a local mall, it reminded me of my post-summer makeup rut. Now that it’s Fall, I’d love to spruce up my look for the new season! I want a new look, but not so glam that people ask me what is […]

Beauty Tips for Cancer Patients and Survivors

beauty tips for cancer patients

Women rarely think they are beautiful. I never have. Especially after picking up copy of InStyle. You wish you hair was as straight or without frizz. You wish you looked that good in skinny jeans, or had toned arms like that. Yet, if you get diagnosed with cancer, your focus on beauty changes. You don’t […]

HEALTHY ESSENTIALS Coupons & Products for Earth Day

donate a photo copy

April is finally here and so is spring! The season is about renewal and that applies to the things inside our home too! As I wrote in this post here about cleaning out the clutter in your closet and kitchen, it is time to clean out your bathroom too. Go through all of the shampoos, […]

RoC Academy: Skin Lessons Learned

Last week I had fun hosting an online hangout with some friends on Google+. Rather than hanging out in my kitchen, we each hung out at home and chatted online. With busy schedules these days, it is hard to get together with girlfriends to chat about pampering (let alone get pampered!) so this was the […]

RoC® Skin Care Products

RoC skincare

Recently, I was invited to participate in a paid campaign to learn more about skin care and the RoC® skin care line. You can see my post about that here. These are the products I received, and I asked some questions of the RoC team on how to use these popular products in their RoC® […]

RoC Skin Care Review

roc skin care

Do you ever wonder about getting a course on Skincare 101? Sometimes when I look in the mirror and see the wrath of wrinkles that are upon me, or the chin breakout (I mean, really, am I not old enough to be through with this skincare conundrum?) I wish I had a bit more skincare […]

Diastasis Recti Surgery Recovery – Six Months Later

Diastasis Recti Surgery Recovery

It has been 6 months now since my diastasis recti surgery. Many people have read my previous posts about how the decisions I had to make to have the operation, the struggles, the fear, and the diastasis recti recovery. Yet, I haven’t written a post about how I am doing now. So, I wanted to […]

Top Nail Polish Colors for Summer 2013


This week, instead of focusing on outfits that are suitable for our Mom lives, I wanted to focus on something super simple we can do to perk up our fashion for spring and summer. And for less than $10 too. It’s nail polish. Painting the piggies with a trendy topcoat is instant fashion fabulousness. Plus, […]

3 Makeup Tips for Wearing Glasses

makeup tips wearing

Are you ready to get your Bliss on! Woot!!! (Three exclamation points are totally necessary.) I’m excited to be going to Blissdom again this year (third time is the charm!) Even though this is my third Blissdom, I feel like it is my first since Blissdom is in Texas for the first time ever! In between […]

Three Makeup Must Haves for Moms

clarins bb cream

I don’t have time for makeup. I wish I did, but realistically, I don’t. Plus, I am usually taking care of the kids or working at home, so the whole ‘done-up’ look would seem a bit weird. Yet, when I have to do pre-school drop off and pick-up, I don’t want to lool like a […]

How to Wear Red Lipstick


How to wear red lipstick is a question everyone asks. Red lipstick is perfect for Heart Awareness Month and for Valentines Day. But it is also a classic. Anyone can wear it – so long as you follow these 5 tips. ! Go light on the eyes and the blush. Keep to light and pale shades. […]

Body Image

I saw this on Facebook last week. It is was a post someone shared, from a woman (clothing size unknown) about women, body image and the societial pressure between the two. It is probably something you can find out there on the internet, but it went like this: “A while back, at the entrance of a gym, […]

Blow-Dry Bar Scene

As someone with curly hair, I love when my hair is smooth and sleek. It seems more style savvy. Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks this way, and not just because I have curly hair. Women with all hair types are heading out to new “Blow-Dry Bars”. Blow-dry bars are establishments that […]

Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)

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