First Week: Abdominal Surgery Recovery

It has been a week since my surgery and it has been….interesting.

The pain was to be expected, but there were other things that I didn’t expect.

First, I haven’t slept in a bed. While it may look comfortable, after the sixth night, it loses its appeal. So I am not sleeping well and I am uncomfortable, and that combo makes me really cranky.


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Speaking of cranky, adding to my pain and sleepless nights, I’m swelled up like a balloon. I feel like I am nine months pregnant in the middle of a heat wave in July in Arizona.




Third, I cannot walk upright, as my son joyfully demonstrates. Which means, in addition to my abdominals, my back hurts. Trying to help my back, I started to squat-walk to take pressure off of it, which means my quads hurt. If you have followed that progression, my whole body is on fire.




Fourth, I try not to gag when taking my medications and vitamins, which I have to do five times a day.


Charlene Chronicles


Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to be where I am right now, but at the moment I am one cranky Mom. It will get better, I know. I can only dream about it as I watch informercials at 3am from my make shift chair, looking at my cankles, while gagging on my pain medication.

Good times.

But if you want to know how I am doing six months later, keep reading….


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  1. Tired is the worst. Hope you get back to a bed soon and heal quickly!


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