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HEALTHY ESSENTIALS Coupons & Products for Earth Day

April is finally here and so is spring! The season is about renewal and that applies to the things inside our home too! As I wrote in this post here about cleaning out the clutter in your closet and kitchen, it is time to clean out your bathroom ... read more


Closet Cleaning Tips and Ideas

It is an exciting time. It is spring! I love this time of year to go shopping to buy cute spring dresses, great summer handbags, and fabulous sandals. Yet, as I come home with my purchases, I look at my closet and wonder where I'm going to put ... read more

Juice Plus+ Complete Recipe

Juice Plus+ Complete® is whole food based powdered drink mix that provides balanced nutrition that is from non-GMO ingredients, 100% plant based, gluten free and no cholesterol, no artificial flavors or colors, and no preservatives at all. Juice ... read more

juice plus vitamins and gummies

Juice Plus+ Vitamins and Gummies

Dr. Bill Sears and Dr. Jim Sears are two renowned pediatricians. Most parents know of Dr. Sears. Yet, as a parent, I had no idea he had a nutrition-based company called Juice Plus®+ until I learned about it via a blogger campaign. Juice Plus is ... read more

Juice Plus Kids

Juice Plus+ for Toddlers and Kids

As I mentioned in this previous post explaining what is Juice Plus®+, I also mentioned in this post that my son is an “extreme” picky eater. As a Mom, I want him to enjoy a variety of foods. As I work on it, I also want to make sure he is at ... read more

Juice Plus Review

Juice Plus+ Review

I’m a health nut, but I am also a parent. Sometimes those two roles don’t mesh well together. However, I recently learned about Juice+ Plus that attempts to marry the two roles, much to my grateful relief. My son is a picky eater. Correction. ... read more

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