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faux tech glasses

The Faux Glasses – Tech in Cheek

I have to admit, I was always in awe of anyone who was so cool and connected to have high tech glasses. You know the ones where you can read email while staring through a lens? (Ironic that I spent most of my teens and 20 something years hating my ... read more

mega bloks raceway copy

Mega Bloks First Builders – Win It!

It was a long time before I thought about building blocks for my kids. I always thought they were for 'older' kids. Until I hosted an event where Mega Bloks was a sponsor. Mega Bloks were toddler and preschool friendly blocks that fit perfectly in ... read more

pipsquigz copy

PipSquigz – Fun Little Suckers – Win It!

As a parent of two babies in the past, I was always looking for little toys to throw in a diaper bag to entertain my kids on the go - in the store, in the car, in a restaurant. Yet, not so small that I couldn't find it in the diaper bag! I came ... read more

tiny love developlace copy

Tiny Love Developlace and My Nature Pals – Win It!

I have written about the Tiny Love line in the past (you can see all my Tiny Love reviews here) but let me just say here, that my memories of my children as infants will always be remembered with the Tiny Love line. From the first toy I bought ever ... read more

book with no pictures bj novak

The Book With No Pictures – Win It

Can you imagine reading a book with no pictures to your kids? Seems like that would be the last thing a parent would want to do. Yet, when I got a pitch to review a book called, "The Book With No Pictures" written by actor/celebrity B.J. Novak, of ... read more

baby corolle copy

Corolle Babicorolle Babipouce Dolls – Win One

If you have a little girl, you know her life will probably be filled with dolls and one of the first dolls that many girls have is one by Corolle. It was my daughter's first doll and I am looking forward to adding more as she gets older! We ... read more

Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)

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